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Product Care


With proper care, your fine quality sterling silver from Romantic Jewelry will last a lifetime and has the possibility of becoming a treasured family heirloom. It is best to store your silver jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or in a special section of your jewelry box. The Romantic Jewelry satin pouch included with your order is perfect for this purpose. This will help to minimize any scratches and/or other damage that may occur from dust, pollution, and other toxins. Some toxins that may damage silver are household chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. When cleaning, it is best to keep your silver jewelry in a safe place away from these harmful chemicals. Also, chlorinated water in swimming pools can sometimes damage silver.

It is important to clean your silver regularly to avoid tarnish build-up. Natural tarnish build-up causes an unsightly dulling of your jewelry. Try to remove tarnish as soon as possible as it is easiest to remove when first noticed. Romantic Jewelry is designed to look as if it were from the Romantic Era so tarnish in the recessed areas looks good. You don't need to try to polish that out.  You can find jewelry polishing cloths at any store that has a household cleaning department or at most hardware stores or craft stores. These products are formulated to remove tarnish from silver jewelry. The cloth will begin to look dirty right away. Don't wash it! Washing the polishing cloth will remove any cleaning compound embedded it and it will not work well.  In addition to regular cleanings, it is also advisable to wear your silver jewelry often as this helps to minimize tarnishing.

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