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Plumeria Jewelry

In Hawaiian culture, plumeria is the symbol of new life, springtime and the re-creation of nature.
5 petals- Faith, Sincerity, Aspiration, Devotion, Surrender
plumeria jewelry

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As iconic as the diamond is to love and the palm tree is to a tropical vacation, the Plumeria is to romance. Unequaled in its timeless beauty, each petal symbolizes love and romance at its purest form - sincerity, faith, devotion, surrender and aspiration - a perfect bond. Often used in a lei to welcome newcomers or to celebrate special occasions, the Plumeria's unique beauty and scent greets its recipient with the allure of the Islands. The array of colors and shapes adds to its singularity and special meaning. 

The extensive line of elegant Plumeria Jewelry from Romantic Jewelry is inspired by these singular flowers. Available in sterling silver, our Plumeria Collection invites you to commemorate the special moments in your life – whether it’s to celebrate a first time visit to the Islands or to express affection for that special someone – our selection of gorgeous necklaces, pendants and earrings showcases the beauty of the Plumeria and will bring to mind treasured moments to its recipient.

Choose from dozens of exquisite pieces, all expertly crafted to suit the personal style of absolutely anyone. Each item in the line speaks to the elegance, style and beauty of the person who wears it. Every artfully designed piece features the gentle, swirling layering of the Plumeria’s soft petals and the beautiful simplicity for which the flower is so well known. 

At Romantic Jewelry, our passion for our unique creations is supported by our intense love for Hawaii, its beauty and its culture. Danny Bushart is dedicated to carrying on a longstanding tradition of quality and beauty in his designs, a tradition that is evident in all of our jewelry. When you wear any one of our beautiful Plumeria pieces, you carry with you the spirit of the Islands everywhere you go.